I used to experiment with all kinds of papers and liquids to achieve the tone and the softness in the images I liked so much.  Now that I´m taking images on my large format camera (8X10") and making platinum/palladium contact prints as well as working with the fascinating Bromoil process,  I feel equipped to produce images the way I prefer.

I care very much about the workmanship in my work, that is why I always process my film and hand print the image  myself.   I enjoy spending long hours in the darkroom, it is my meditation.  I let my imagination run free and sometimes the images come out compleatly  different to my expectations,which for me, keeps the photography process fresh and exciting.

I prefer to deal with each project as it comes, let things happen, trust my insight and then take it from there.  It is a great feeling when I believe that I´ve managed to capture an  image in a way that depicts the atmosphere I experienced while taking the shot.

My images are not necessarily meant to reflect stark reality, but to show what I feel each time I take them.  It´s not easily explained but one must decide whether they are a part of a fairytale, memories, dreams or simply a self reflection.

It is my wish that my work brings forward positive emotions.

Jóna Þorvaldsdóttir

From the photographer


2013 Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, Canada  www.kennedygallery.org Camera Frontera, a Festival of Contemporary Photography
2011  Galleri Gersemi, Borgarnes, Iceland  www.gallerigersemi.is
2010  Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Iceland  www.ljosmyndasafnreykjavikur.is
2008  Galleri Sævar Karl, Reykjavik, Iceland
2006  Galleri Luxfera, Warsaw, Poland
2006  Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Iceland
2004  Hafnarborg, The Hafnarfjordur Centre of Culture and Fine Art, Iceland www.hafnarborg.is
2003  Galleri Fold, Reykjavik, Iceland  www.gallerifold.is
2003  Cafe Mocca, Reykjavik, Iceland
2000  Warsaw Voice, Warsaw, Poland


2010-2012  Water color painting, Reykjavik School of Visual Art
2011  Bromoil Workshop with David W. Lewis in Iceland
2011  Contempory Photography, University of Iceland
2010  History of Art, University of Iceland
2009  Bromoil Workshop with David W. Lewis in Oregon, USA
2008  Introduction to Alternative processes, Brenton Hamilton, Main Media Workshop, USA
2006  Workshop with Mary Ellen Mark, Oaxaca, Mexico
2003  Inspiration, workshop with Izabela Jaroszewska, Iceland
2001  Oil painting, Reykjavik School of Visual Art
2001  Handmade photograph, Elisabeth Opalenic, Main Media Workshop
2000  Colours and Forms, workshop with Marco Modic, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1997-2000  Warsaw School of Photography, Warsaw,Poland.  Private lessons with Marian Schmidt and Izabela Jaroszewska.
1986  Graduated from The Commercial College of Iceland

© Jóna  Thorvaldsdottir / Call +354-820-5229 / jona@jd.is

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